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You state:

“he has kept stuff from my lap top I feel so in danger!”

This is what sociaopthsh do!! They always have a link to keep you in their grips. My ex h use to leave things at peoples homes where he traveled on business with their permission. This behavior was aways embarrassing to me. But, I realized after educating my self, he did this simply to have a reason to go back & keep them under his power & control.

With this guy, you first must take in consideration that he put some type of spyware on your computer. Then think it was also so he had access to you at any time he wanted simply by saying “I need to get some things off your computer”. Have you looked to see what he put on your computer??

This guy you are dealing with is very scary and seems to be very high on the sociopath scale of manipulation & coercion. My guess, is he has sucked many many people into this con game by using his wife as the front person to do the dirty work.

IF he is unemployed good chance he uses people for money. But, also the fact they wanted you to spend the night in their room & take a bath is terrifying to read. What were they going to do if you stayed? Coerce you into having sex with him, or both or rape you. Please keep your guard up with these two crazy individuals.

As for Steven Hassan’s Bite Model on mind control…yes, the first thing I thought of when reading your first post was this guy (or both of them) is a Cult leader looking manipulate people for cult followers. Very Scary!! It sounds like his wife is under his mind control ( his cult follower).

So glad you have been following your gut instinct not to rent an apartment near them & not introducing your parents to them.

Right now please remember you do NOT have to be nice to this woman at work. You just have to be business like at your work place. That is a big difference. You owe this woman NOTHING. So reach the LOW CONTACT RULE and follow it. This means you do NOT talk to her. You avoid her. If she wants to have a conversation with you, simply say I’m busy now. Keep it simple when addressing her if she attempts to talk with you. Do NOT talk to her alone. Dont get sucked back into their con game.

If she is under her husbands brain washing she will be reporting back to him and he will be giving her ways to manipulate you. So just simply walk away from her. Do NOT get in an argument with her. Just say you are business & walk away.

If you have a car please walk around the car before you get in to make sure say the tires are inflated properly or anything that might be out of order. Not to scare you but these individuals go to great length to get what they want. Just like a kid in the grocery store screaming for cookies & the parents just give in out of embarrassment or being tired.

For your sleep, take care of your health = stress & sleep issues. Look into ADRENAL FATIGUE as the root health issue brought on by these two individuals.

See sites like:

Adrenal fatigue. org


see their symptoms list.

Eat a good clean diet lots & lots of veggies (google: “Super Juice me documentary you tube”, vitamin & minerals (B complex) a few times a day, rest, relax during the day. Look into Epson Salt baths to flood your body with magnesium which is a natural relaxer. IN the US you can find Epson Salt in the shampoo section of the Grocery store. Check with your doctor before making changes in diet or vitamins & minerals (including epson salt baths).

I’m sorry that you were married to one of these nightmare individuals & are dealing with these two crazy people now. Just take one day at a time and keep the NO CONTACT RULE in place with this guy and his wife on the weekends & after work & summer break by blocking them on your phone and the Low contact rule with her at work.


“Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube”

To watch their video on listening to your gut. DO NOT WEAVER FROM YOUR GUT INSTINCT WITH THESE TWO INDIVIDUALS. You have a very very very strong gut instinct to keep listening to it!!

Keep yourself busy so that you dont think about these two during your summer break. If you keep thinking about them it will lead to a habit. And this is what sociopaths want. So be mindful to think of other things & to read other things i.e. hobbies or your interest.

Take care 💜

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