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Claudette, you’re so welcome. I’m so sorry that you are dealing with these two nightmare individuals.

Steven Hassan cult & domestic abuse expert & author of Freedom of Mind book (bite model that I posted) says the most likely time to get sucked into a cult or domestic abusive relationship is when you have a life change, such as, a new job (like you & me), a death in the family, empty nest, relationship break up, divorce, move to a new town etc. Why this time? because we simply let our guard down to deal with the new change.

You were no doubt a target instantly with these two individuals. You were new to the school and this woman moved right into your personal space for what ever her & her sociopathic husband agenda is, because she knew your guard would be down.

I am so glad that you opened up to your brother (Great decision!!) and also researched answers, had the courage to post & now asking lots of questions. Your mindset is very strong & so is your gut instinct.

Remember sociopaths want to isolate their target victims right from the get go. So your gut instinct to open up to your brother was excellent!!

Know that sociopaths bank on good people not saying a thing to anyone. So these steps you are making are amazing steps out of this crazy situation! I’m also glad that your brother is speaking the truth and clearly has your back & concern for you. What a blessing to have him as a caring protective brother!!

Glad you called the doctor. The stress you are under sadly is very normal when dealing with a sociopath. They mess with our minds intentionally and our adrenal glands in response send out strong alarms (release of cortisol & adrenaline) to let us know of the dangerous situation we are in. Your alarm system is working correctly. Now you just need to calm it down so that you can sleep correctly again & have peace of mind again.

You State:

One extra clue on this – I don’t know if you will find it relative or not: Near the ending of April her, I and some students went an educational 3-day trip. We were staying in a hotel, we had separate rooms. The first day, we had one hour’s rest between 4 and 5 pm because the afternoon schedule was full. I told her “I’m going to my room to rest”, she told me “Please come to my room, we’ll sleep together”, I told her “I don’t feel comfortable, I want to sleep by myself”, she kept pressuring me but with a smile:”oh

THIS IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR FROM A CO WORKER!! She is clearly stepping over boundaries as your co worker and your supervisor. In this day & age you do not do these types of things with a person you are supervising at work!! This is absolutely relevant to their sociopathic behavior.

She continued to push your personal boundaries over & over to get what she wants, despite you clearly & voice fully say NO! What are these two doing with the children she is suppose to be watching over & safe guarding. These two are clearly dangerous to you, and all those at the school.

My advise to you is with the help of your brother (as a sounding board)

First go to the doctors next week tell the doctor what is going on (witness) and the core of the stress & anxiety that you are dealing with = these two crazy sociopathic people.

Then once you have your health back on track (you need your jobs health insurance now)

1) during this time off from school go to your countries Employment office & look for PLAN B back up job (back up plan). Look on line for jobs even if it’s say a temporary witress job etc.

2) Write out points that this woman has done & said to you…everything that you posted above. And then go to your Schools Principle for a meeting and tell them that you are a hard worker, care about your job etc etc but you can no longer have this woman as your supervisor as she is crossing all your personal boundaries and & that you are concerned for not only your well being but also all the young students at the school.

3) give then a print out of your talking points of what this woman has done to cross your personal boundaries

4) after the meeting send in email to the Principle & CC the same email who ever else was at the meeting.

Please keep in mind that Sociopaths use sociopath smear campaign & also sociopath triangulation (look these up here at LF & on the net) against any and all targets so that if the target starts to talk badly about the sociopath the sociopath has already told lies (like in your case).

It takes a village to expose a sociopath. SO dont do this alone. But have a back up plan b for financial reasons incase this school lets you out of your contract. I would hate for you to not have a back up financial plan before you talk to the principle and you cant pay your rent, car, food bills.

Think this thru with your brothers help, but you need to take steps to get this woman out of your life. She & her husband are dangerous to your health, well being & mind set. Clearly they are taking a toll on your health right now.

Remember sociopath are always 10 steps ahead of good people so this is why you must think this all thru carefully with the help of your brother.

Sending you huge hugs hon!! 💜💜💜

Take care. 🌺💜🌺

Look up: Sociopath Low contract rule. This rule is for say child custody issues & having to work with one of these evil people.

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