Reply To: I want to talk to his recent ex, for validation


Donna Andersen

jaybird – Slimone is right – you need to keep him out of your life. I understand he has been creative about reaching out to you, so the instant you realize it’s him, dump the email, text, pin, etc.

However, I have a slightly different take on communicating with the ex. I have heard from many people that it was very helpful to talk to other victims of the same person. I know that I became very good friends with my sociopathic husband’s mistress, and we worked together to get our money back from him.

So it may be supportive to communicate with his recent ex. You would need to monitor what happens. If you find that it helps your healing, then ok. If you find that it drags you down, then you stop.

It’s possible that she figured out what he was faster than you did simply because there is much more discussion about sociopaths and narcissists now than there was 8 or 9 years ago. People have more awareness. Hopefully they use it to spot the predators.

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