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In my case my ex has ramped up his attack on me. Like you I have young adult children involved. My daughter and I are very close but I can sense when she has spent time with her father. She becomes confused because of the lies. She has told me that she knows that I do not lie and it breaks my heart that this lovely young woman has to go through this. My son who is 20 is living with his father because I asked him to leave. He wouldn’t listen to the house rules and was behaving very much like his father. I believe that he has a drug problem, much like his father and even found my ex sending my son pictures of women on the street asking my son which one he preferred and whether he liked them front or back. It is all so very heart breaking. I too will be more than likely going to court because I was able to prove his embezzlement of my inheritance. My problem is that my ex is from a big law family and the family is involved in the court where my case is to be heard. It is all such a tangled web, especially when you have children. The advice here is good but I do think that as these sociopaths get older they have fewer options and try hard to get off on destroying their old sources. I have learned to turn things over to my higher power, especially regarding my son. I may actually be in danger when my ex finds out that I discovered the paper trail of his deceptions. His whole family are wealthy sociopaths who pretend to be Quakers. I don’t think that he or his family would directly try to kill me but they would perhaps hire someone to do it for them. It is so frustrating that there is a pattern but law enforcement doesn’t recognize this until it is too late. I hope that you have a very good lawyer and that you are somehow able to remove yourself from his manipulations.

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