Reply To: Why do I miss my narcissistic ex so much?


Donna Andersen

allison123 – your ex’s behavior — a sudden discard, closing the door in your face, and laughing at you — is typical sociopathic behavior. So yes, she sounds disordered.

Relationships with sociopaths are highly addictive, so probably what you are feeling now is the addiction. We’ve written about this a lot on Lovefraud. Go to the Google search box at the top of this column and type in “addicted to a sociopath.” You’ll see lots of info. You may also want to try my webinar, “Why is’t so hard to get over loving a sociopath and you you can recover.” I talk about the addiction, obsession, and how to overcome them.

If your relationship ended at the end of June, it is still very recent. You will need time to recover. Please make sure to have No Contact with her. No Contact is the path to healing. If you do have contact with her, you will have to start all over again.

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