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Hi Bigred,

You state:

“I was & will be again a strong, secure, tenacious, caring, giving, transparent & creative ROCK for myself & my children.”

YES you will!!! 💜💜💜💜

You are making amazing steps out of this abusive relationship!! So Pat yourself on the back. You had a light bulb moment that lead you to research his horrible abusive behavior, which lead you to this wonderful site Lovefraud and most importantly, you had the courage to post your story here today. These are HUGE steps hon!! So be very proud of yourself as you are no longer in denial & under his evil spell. 🌺

Do a search here on love fraud & the net:

gas lighting abuse
sociopath triangulation
sociopath smear campaign
sociopath NO contact rule
National Domestic abuse hotline website

I would recommend that you watch the videos up at the top of Lovefraud and also look at the Book Store tab and buy Donna’s book Lovefruad 10 signs you are dating a sociopath.

The more you read, the more you will open up your mind from his brain washing & Mind control.

You state:
We NEVER spent more than 3 days together

Was this guy married or living with someone else??

If you truly want to heal, you have to follow the NO contact rule asap. This means you block him from your phone, email, text etc. If he comes to your home you dont answer the door. It’s not easy to impose the No contact rule but once you have time to clear your mind from his daily chaos & drama you will see that the No contact rule will bring you Peace & calmness.

Please remember that the most dangerous time for a woman in a abusive relationship is when she is either leaving her abuser or has just left. You can get help for a Safety & Exit plan out of this abusive relationship simply by calling you country’s Domestic abuse hotline. In the USA the number is 800-799-SAFE (free counseling)

Also look into Adrenal fatigue symptoms sites like DrLam. com & Adrenal fatigue. org have good info & symptoms list.

Wishing you all the best. 💜🌺💜

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