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So, his most recent ex notified me she had to get an order of protection from him. She discarded him, so I guess he has suffered a “narcissistic injury” from what I have read. She warned him to not come to her house and of course the moron did just that. Fortunately she has family nearby that were not taken in by his “charm”, and we agreed he is most likely not physically dangerous, as he is on the cowardly side regarding confrontations. Apparently he has no new supply yet so is stalking her. I am not worried about me because he knows he will get nowhere with me regarding information or restoking the flames. He knows I know what he is.
From what she has told me regarding statements he has made toward her it does sound like he is unraveling somewhat, so she plans to be very careful regarding her whereabouts ( not being alone unless public place) in the near future.
Hopefully it will all work out without any more drama than what has been already.

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