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I think I’m mostly angry with myself over allowing ANOTHER one of these jerks into my life. Marinapearl, you are right that I should block him on my social media and email. I should have already. Now that I think of it there were even more red flags. For example, he claimed in his ad to be a “college professor,” but it turns out he didn’t even have a master’s degree and taught at the vocational school. Not that a vo-tech teacher is not respectable, but it was still a lie. Why do I accept and justify these little lies?? Lies are lies, and if I learned anything from my marriage, it’s that a thousand little lies equals one big lie of a life. But did I learn that?? This newest **shole makes me wonder if I really learned anything. Maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up so (at least i didn’t marry this jerk), but i can’t help wonder WHAT IT IS ABOUT ME that lets these people get so close.

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