Reply To: I want to talk to his recent ex, for validation



I did reach out. I sent a single text,

“I hope u r ok. He is screwed up. There are many resources available about being involved with a narcissist, online and books.”

I thought if she wanted to respond, she would. I wasn’t going to push it. The more I thought about it, I think he would find some way to use our communicating against one or both of us.

When I thought about communicating her, I could feel the anxiety build inside me. I thought it would help me but I don’t know if its right for me at this point. I guess that’s why I posted the question here for your input.

He texted me recently from someone else’s phone, pretending to be that other person. I eventually figured out it was him but the deception was really upsetting to me. He also continues to call and leave messages. I don’t listen to them. It is just mind games.

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