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allison123, It really takes TIME. And the time feels like it crawls by when you are feeling so bad. But, honestly, it’s like you just have to survive the seconds as they tick by, keep focused on your own life, do things that even though they don’t make you feel instantly better you know are the ‘right’ things for you to be doing.

Right things are things that in no way harm you. They are being gentle with yourself, reading and learning, talking with a trusted therapist or friend, trying to eat and get enough sleep; paying attention to your life: finances, etc….

It will feel like a total SLOG for a time, but if you maintain NO CONTACT (sorry for yelling it!) you will start to come out of the jittery, depressed, anxious space you are in.

No amount of time will change her. But it will heal you, and help you get your life back. Go easy on yourself, and be especially kind in your thoughts toward yourself. Self forgiveness is huge.

Slim One

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