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Dear nmbr5, I went through a very similar experience in 2008. They all seem to operate from the same playbook, so your experience is very familiar to me. I didn’t know what a sociopath was, and, like you, I still had feelings for him, even though I caught him lying about everything including his marital status. Disordered people, especially sociopaths, seem to have a very strong energetic hold on their victims. This is why we keep going back to them even though we know they are bad for us. It’s really important to fight the addiction and just stay away no matter how strong the pull is. It has been very helpful to me to get energy work if I find I cannot cut the cord with an unhealthy person. There are people who can help with this specific issue, cutting cords and reclaiming energy. I find I’ve been having a lot of energy work lately, and for me, it really helps more than talk therapy, though it’s also good to have supportive people in your life who know what a sociopath is.

I am so very sorry you are going through this betrayal. I remember how I just felt like I’d been run over by a mack truck when it happened to me. You will get over it – it will take some time. If you can find someone who does energy work, it might be helpful. Keep reading about them so you can really see what they are.

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