Reply To: Is superstitiously ritualistic part of sociopathy?


Donna Andersen

bhar – I am glad you are away from that man. I agree with Redwald – he probably was involved with multiple other women.

About your question about religion and superstition – there is nothing in the diagnostic criteria for personality disorders related to religion or superstition. But I can make a few observations:

1. In our surveys, 20% of respondents said the sociopath they knew falsely claimed to be religious or born again. People generally assume that religious people are honorable, so sociopaths pretend to be honorable by pretending to be religious.

2. Cult leaders often claim to be speaking for God, or that they are God. Cult leaders exhibit all of the traits of sociopaths.

3. Plenty of sociopaths can be religious. Just look at all of the priests who engaged in sexually abusing children.

4. Plenty of sociopaths also claim that God doesn’t exist. My ex husband said this.

In the end, the main thing is that the guy lied. I recommend that you never talk to him again.

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