Reply To: Is superstitiously ritualistic part of sociopathy?



Hi bahr,

What I know is it really isn’t about how they look on the outside. The outside is not what gives us a clue, not really, about what they actually ARE. It is their behavior that is the give away, that provides us with everything we need to know about them.

Some of them are clean cut business men. Some are therapists. Some are gym instructors, garbage men, nurses, wait staff, rich, poor, and criminal….blah.blah.blah. This means some will wear the cloak of some kind of religion too. But none of this stuff really gives us much of a clue as to whether they are disordered.

The clue is in the lies, inconsistencies, manipulation, love-bombing, etc. Their behaviors are the same, no matter what their outsides look like. They are master manipulators that learn as many of the specifics about their targets as they can, in order to ‘tailor’ their con, and maximize their gain out of the relationship. If they are smart they are REALLY good at understanding what each person will respond to and they just start pressing ALL the buttons to get what they want.

Some of them go after your money, some go after sex, some want a wife so they look more normal in the world. Whatever suits them in the moment, they will manipulate to get it.

I dated a man who is considered a spiritual guru type. He markets himself as a ‘shaman’, and an activist for sexual freedom, woman’s rights, and racial equality. Initially, this gave me the impression that he was a ‘good’ person, free from judgement, and with a kind heart.

Boy was I wrong. He was none of those things. He was a liar, an abuser, manipulative, and unpredictable.

And he introduced me to LOTS of his friends. They seemed to practically worship him. He introduced me to old girlfriends who tried very hard to act loving and kind, but who I could tell were hurting inside. His abuse was mostly hidden away, where none of these people could see it. And when he was harsh in public they believed it was because he was ‘more evolved’ that the person/s he was being harsh with, and that it was ‘for their own good’.

Your guys behaviors all yell that he has a personality disorder.

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