Reply To: Is superstitiously ritualistic part of sociopathy?



It has been my observation from the sociopath I dated and the stories of others that there is always some big thing that will happen in the future that will make everything okay….the divorce, the job they are waiting for, their inheritance…yada yada yada….a bunch of lies they use to string you along. This builds the drama. Every time they claim the event is getting near, it gets pushed into the future again for unknown reasons. This is the only way they can explain why they A) can’t pay you back the money they borrowed; B) can’t marry you (their divorce is not final); C) can’t be with you….etc. There is always a story. It involves a lot of drama, a crazy ex, and some organization like the army. They use their unique drama to explain why they couldn’t call you, why they didn’t show up for a date, why you haven’t heard from them in a while. There is always an excuse and it seems so plausible. But if you start to connect the dots and pull away, suddenly the drama will shift in your favor. They suddenly want to see you and be closer to you. It’s all part of the game to keep control over you. Took me 3 months to figure it out.

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