Reply To: Is superstitiously ritualistic part of sociopathy?



Hey thanks for reading through my long ramble of needing to let out. I feel being listened to.

Stargazer, you are absolutely right in that behaviour trait he displayed. The next big thing for him, was family approval. He has dragged on that excuse for years, not until I discovered this something called ” sociopathy”. He has never ever really said, ” this is the end of the relationship”
If family approval was so important, decent behaviour was to introduce to his family much much earlier. There are never ending excuses, which always seemed so plausible.

He wore good luck precious stone rings and many pendants invoking God’s blessings. His relationship with God, I found it weird that, is more based on fear. If he did pray and observe fasts on certain days and visit temples regularly, he genuinely believed , it would bring him good luck. He didn’t seem to pretend his practices. But as Donna says, this certainly made me believe him to be more as a person who is God fearing, conscience bound.

He definitely was seductive in getting what he wanted from me.

Initially I felt so stupid and idiotic for falling for him, but thank you all, I have realised I saved myself before more damage could have been done. I had set boundaries of expected behaviours, like interaction with both sides friends and families being the most important of it all.

Having said that, as silmone’s experience been, his interaction with others alerted her.
I feel relieved that most genuine people will fall for these kind of sociopaths, some gut instincts we heed to early on some later on.

Thanks agin.

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