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I feel you so deeply and wish there was a quick fix for this addiction to them.I don’t know of one I’m sorry to say. When I went no contact I went into horrible withdrawals. It takes a LONG time and ALOT of self care and work on ourselves for our heart to catch up with what our mind knows. I felt like I needed to go to rehab because the withdrawals were so unbearable. I read ‘Attached’ and “Love Addiction by Pia Melody”, Then began googling Love Addiction rehabs. I found a couple of good places I inquired about in Calif and Arizona. I was desperate.I found and Lori-Jean Glass on YouTube. She had The Glass House in Northern Calif which used to be Five Sisters. I went to a 5 day Intensive with her. I was able to recognize my core wound clearly and many other things. Such a blessing!! They also do phone counseling which I did before I could afford to go to the Intensive. I was at a point I knew I could not bear another man like this in my life and was terrified I could not get over him and also that I would attract the same again if I ever did. I hope some of this helps. Please know that you are not alone, there are so many of us that suffer so painfully by the damage these relationship have on us. Be gentle on yourself, we are unknowing victims. Take good care…

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