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Sbff8, I’m so sorry that you have been caught up in a nightmare with this con artist sociopath. It’s a heart ache for sure. Please know that sociopath target good kindhearted people. We know that you are one of these, so rest assured you are at the right place to heal. Sending you HUGE hugs!! 💜💜💜

I agree with Donna. This guy is a classic sociopath playing endless mind games for you to accept that he is “married” and “stuck” and continue an affair with him. It’s good that you are analyzing the relationship & putting two & two together with regards to when he wants you & when he doesn’t want you. This means you are not in denial any longer & are willing to see the truth of who this con artist man really is & this will lead to peace, calmness & your healing.

What this guy did to suck you into his con game is called “Love bombing” (or another term is grooming). Look up the term Love bombing here on Lovefraud. Calling you daily is love bombing. So is sending gifts, cards or stopping by your home if he did this too is Love bombing. My ex h called me 5 to 10 times a day & left recording on my phone even though he knew I was at work and he would stop by without a call. I thought his behavior was strange & half the time did not return his calls. He would then stop by disrupting what ever I had planned. This is what sociopath do = RED flag.

It took great courage for you to post your story and you will find that Lovefraud is a safe place for you to vent & ask questions, as we all know how sociopaths can literally con anyone & everyone into their con game, whether as a girlfriend, wife, mistress, co worker, neighbor, friend etc. So know that you are at a safe place to education yourself on this wonderful site that Donna & Terry have created for all of us.

With that said, I will give you the “wife” version of what is going on in their home. She has seen RED flags since day one. She too was conned into his con game…she might have been the “mistress” or just a “supply” when his previous girlfriend before her jumped ship. Either way he is playing mind games also on her to stay in the abusive marriage.

She (his wife) wants out most likely of the emotional, mental & verbally abusive marriage. At least this was me. Like you, I did not want to date him or move in or marry my ex husband, a sociopath. Like you have experience, sociopath have a agenda and they want their agenda at all cost. They will steam role over anyones boundaries to get what they want & need. This man has steam rolled over your ethical & moral boundaries (not dating a married man) they know precisely how to con people, know that this does not make you a bad person. You are dealing with a masterful manipulator who has been conning people since he was a young child first with his own parents, school kids, teachers etc and now with adults.

What did my ex want from me? He wanted me to move in with him to pay his mortgage & to pay all his bills. I did not want to move in. He was very crafty about asking for money and not the first few weeks I lived with him. I now realize he had many women on the side when we were just first dating, when moving in with him & during our whole marriage.

He kept my head spinning the entire relationships by creating chaos & drama. This guy is using the same tactics on you as all sociopath do.

What does this guy want with you? Looks like sex…but he could want money, a place to live, your car, everything you have or he just wants to emotionally break you down because he is bored. They are pure pure pure evil. What ever he says about his wife = DO NOT BELIEVE a word of his lies!!

Look up these terms here on Lovefraud & the net:

Sociopath smear campaign
Sociopath triangulation
gas lighting abuse
sociopath hypnosis (YES!! sociopath use hypnosis & trance)
sociopath trance
Sociopath no contact rule

pathological liar
Madonna & whore complex

On the net look up:

Sociopath Madonna & whore complex (this will explain why the sociopath needs to have a wife or main girlfriend and then have many women on the side. They all have a agenda and need many “supplies” to fill their soulless mind.

Keep reading it will open your mind up to all his mind games & this will set you free from him.

Sending you huge hugs hon!! 💜💜💜 Glad you had the courage to research & post.

Wishing you all the best. Take care.

PS. if you go to the top of Lovefruad (Video tab) Donna as posted many videos that will help you to understand how you were conned by this sociopath. Also up at the top under Bookstore tab you will find many books that will help you heal. I would recommend that you buy Lovefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath by Donna Anderson (love fraud creator). All of this will help you to see the truth & set you free from this evil sociopath.

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