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I just am in complete shock that I found out he was writing to other people. Friends of mine. I would never talk or carry on an affair with a married man and I’m ashamed. No woman deserves that there are rules among us women. He chased me, wrote me songs, said he loved me at first site and his wife and him were simply roommates. I never once told him I would be with him, although I did love him. He became my best friend. He knew so much about my life and I thought I knew of his. Once I found out he was writing other people I flipped out. He said he was sorry and he was “sick” and getting help. I went to two people close to him and confided in them on our 7-8 month relationship. The man I was seeing gave these people a private picture of me- that I had exchanged with him. They then sent me a picture to my cell phone- of envelopes with my jobs address and friends address on the envelopes with my picture taped to the front. They said if I ever contacted him again thst the envelopes would be mailed. Like this was my fault. I told them the truth what he was doing. He is married not me. They said I was a home wrecker and all I was was a side [email protected]@@ and he wanted nothing to do with me. This is a man that despite any romantic relationship was my friend. I’m devastated. He has a wife and I feel awful I let myself be tricked. Now- it’s been 30 days since I heard from him. I feel no closure and I know I should never ever want to speak to him but I want to know why? Why me? I was a good person to him. I am so grateful I found this site. He seems to be back to his life. Being a good husband. Like I never existed and it’s really painful.

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