Reply To: Leaving a narcassist



Kitten100 I can’t believe what you wrote sounds just like my life. Today is my first day to leave whatever this man is. I have been in this relationship for 5 years. I am a professional and I have been mentally and physically torn to pieces. This man claims he loves me and I got so caught up in it that I lost myself. He lies so terribly, he belittled me in front of people, he expected things to be his way. I had a gut feeling something was wrong for years and things got worse. I didn’t take my first instinct and run. I feel today I am strong because now I am sick of his crap!!! He always wanted to push my buttons like he gets pleasure of making me hurt, see me jealous and have anxiety out of the roof. He seemed so cruel but yet turned around and say it was my fault. I want to be strong tomorrow the day after that the day after that. This is the sickest mess I have ever encountered and I don’t know why I let this happen to me

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