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Melvin – its sounds like we were in the same situation. Today is day two. He bombarded me with non essential emails this morning (swapping keys, clothing etc.) until I had to ask him to stop. Even then he didn’t. My big mistake was even replying. The abuse and aggressiveness was hard to deal with at work. These messages mean a lot and helped me push through a difficult day. Thank you so much. I guess I am lucky in that I have my own house and someone to live, god knows what I would do if I didn’t. One of the big things he used to do was take my house keys and credit cards, and the keys i had to his apartment, lock me out and divert his phone so I had no where to go. I used to sleep with my keys in my pillowcase and have three back ups of keys so I would always be safe. Its funny but this is going to be the hardest thing to get over, the feeling of always being on edge and scared. I know this will get easier over time but it stays with me at the moment.

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