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Hi Calliope,

Honestly…there’s no easy way through this. The whole situation of being discarded and seeing your ex seemingly “happy” is a huge ball of pain, and to add your confusion about a baby, and I imagine that’s heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you.

My best advice is to keep remembering who he is. Keep remembering all the negative things he did. When I miss my ex, it helps me to look at my list of painful situations. I wasn’t happy in the relationship, but now I have a chance at a happy relationship one day with someone who respects me. Not now, because I’m not ready. But one day I will have the opportunity again and so will you.

My next advice is to try your very best to separate him from the idea of a child. It seems like you’re wishing you had this other woman’s life…but please please remember he’s abusive. You don’t really want to spend the rest of your life with an abusive man, who may very well rub off on a child and abuse him/her as well.

It does help me to remember that my ex would not have been a good parent. I’m afraid the cycle would have continued through my children. So please just do your best to keep looking forward. I’m proud of you!

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