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I can definitely relate to the anxiety. I was discarded at the end of June, and I’ve nearly had panic attacks driving anywhere near her apartment (sometimes I have to run errands for work, or even when I just drive downtown my chest will tighten). It’s caused me to avoid places I would normally go. I’ve stayed in my house a lot more. Sometimes I’m sitting at home and I suddenly panic at the thought of her driving to my apartment.

I think abusive relationships like this can lead to complex PTSD. I’m not saying that’s what you or I have, but it definitely feels like an unusual amount of anxiety that I’m feeling. However, I am seeing a therapist and if you’re not seeing one, I would suggest meeting with one who specializes in abusive relationships like this. It has helped me put things in perspective.

Please be strong. It does get easier, but it is very hard at first. Sending love!

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