Reply To: Support Needed


Donna Andersen

Calliope – I understand exactly how you feel. I met my sociopathic ex when I was 40 – thought I would finally have my chance for a family – and then it all fell apart. Even though it is painful, count your blessings that you did not have a child with him. Chances are good that you would have had not only a disordered partner, but a disordered child as well.

Right now the best thing you can do is process the emotional pain that you feel. Allow yourself to cry, scream, grieve. This is not pretty, and you should do it either alone or with the assistance of a therapist who understands what you’ve been through. (Not all of them do, so if you are not feeling supported, try another one.)

Your objective is to release not only the pain of the experience, but any other pain that made you vulnerable to this man to begin with.

We have lots of information here on Lovefraud that can help you. Search the articles and take a look at the webinars. you can get through this, and come out the other side better than ever.

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