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Allison, she just love bombed you without you realizing it!! BEWARE..everything a sociopath does is a con game!! EVERYTHING!!

This is what sociopaths love to do, like a Cat playing with a mouse. Your ex has just, in her mind, kept the door open to you by this one last “we should be friends” B.S get together. DONT TAKE HER BAIT!!!

Sociopaths love to boomerang back into their past victims lives when ever they feel bored with their new target (i.e. start an affair with you while still keeping the current vicim as their main supply) or their current target dumps them because of abuse and they feel alone or they need something money, a place to live, a car, sex etc.

Like Donna stated KEEP THE NO CONTACT IN PLACE….better yet SLAM the door shut on your ex but blocking her from your cell phone, emails, text & tell friends not to listen to her also.

What did she do during this get together?? She released Endorphins in your brain (a reward) so that you will remember the good. She is not a good person…you know this.

Write down everything she has done to hurt you. You will be shocked at how much you have forgotten. Then anytime so get sad & miss her read the list & add to it.

Hugs to you. Just know everyone in the beginning has most likely broken the no contact rule & been sucked back in. You did the right thing by coming here & just venting & asking for support. BRAVO!! Venting really does help to clear the mind. Also, read read read everything at love fraud when you have doubt about the break up. It will WAKE you up fast to the truth = she is a sociopath con artist!!

Wishing you all the best. Take care.

Do a search here at Lovefraud for the following:

no contact rule
smear campaign
pathological lying
gas lighting abuse

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