Reply To: Leaving a narcassist



sbff8, WE HEAR YOU!! Keep venting hon!💜💜

I know it’s a nightmare being with a sociopath, but also when your mind finally wakes up to the con game they have been running since day one.

I’m sorry, that you were sucked into this sociopaths con game. Thankfully, you now know the truth = he’s a sociopath!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not seek out revenge!

Sociopaths are masterful manipulators & have had a plan in place since day one to flip the table on the true victim. Your ex no doubt has had a plan encase you expose him. They are pure evil.

I have read many post here at love fraud and other support sites where the sociopath has flipped the table and got the victim arrested! So please just keep venting.

The best revenge is to go full no contact, heal & have a good happy life. Sociopaths hate that good people are happy. SO this is the best revenge.

Huge hugs to you hon!! 💜💜Take one day at a time, somedays one minute or one second at a time.

You will get to a point I promise that you will not even think about him. It takes time & processing all the lies & manipulation to get to that point. So keep reading & venting. Donna has also created courses to learn more (see yellow tab on home page) and watch the videos up at the top over & over. 💜💜💜

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