Reply To: Leaving a narcassist



I don’t know how his wife doesn’t know. I would never ever have ever talked to a married man. But he said they were not “in a marriage “ that they were more like roommates. No sex, no love. Raising kids that’s it. That he wanted to have a life with me.

Once I started catching on to his stuff I called him out. He then started treating me differently. No more love bombing. He said he needed to work things out with his wife and be a good husband. I said ok go do that! I never ever asked him to leave his wife. He would say “I’m sorry I broke your heart “. I let him know that no. He did not break my heart.

The sudden change in him though- is this the discard? He went from being so sweet to me and loving to cold. The videos I’ve watched on love bombing were exactly what he did to me. I felt like we were best of friends and I’m so hurt he turned out this way. M

When I did expose him (not to his wife but a mutual friend close to him) he basically blackmailed me. Him and his friend- who I thought would see what he is and what he does. They printed a private picture of me and addressed my family- friends- and job and said if I ever went to his wife they would mail the envelopes. It can’t be legal. I have had no contact with him i deleted him on everything. I just am so angry he gets away with this. I know you say no revenge but this jerk is going to keep doing it.

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