Reply To: Made a mistake & met up with my ex…




I know that understanding all of this does not ease your pain. that what happens in the mind takes time to travel to the nervous system and the ‘heart’. But the pain will subside the longer you have zero contact. I guarantee it. You sound smart, and introspective, so it is VERY likely you will feel 100% better, and gain some strong skills as a result of this pain.

They LOVE IT when we continue to struggle with the break-up, when we continue to be vulnerable. Gives them great pleasure to know they have that kind of power over other people’s feelings, and that those people are still good pickings when they need a lift.

Make the commitment to give her NOTHING. EVER AGAIN. You are not a source of distraction, not a play thing. You deserve to be treated with kindness and dignity. Something she is incapable of.


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