Reply To: Is it normal to still be crying every day?



The loss of a dream is the worst pain – all those hopes, those expectations, those fantasies of the perfect life – disappeared. It is hard to reconcile the now with the what could have been. The best cure is time – and re-affirming yourself every single day. “I am strong.” “I am a survivor”. “The past will not overtake my future”…what ever it takes to make YOU believe in you again. Keep a journal. Get involved in your community. Take up a new skill – painting, ceramics, music. Talk to a counselor. Read the stories on here – ask those of us who have been in your shoes how we did it. And believe that tomorrow is going to be better. It will now that the poison is out of your life. Hugs to you, marinapearl. You are stronger than you know. Believe it.

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