Reply To: Is it normal to still be crying every day?



marinapearl….emilie18 is correct. Mostly it is time that heals this part you. Time to gain actual distance from the event.

This sound morose, and I was not ever going to hurt myself, but when I ‘got it’, and the pain persisted, I wanted to go to sleep until it was all over. I was angry that I was left with all the sadness, anger, depression, and anxiety to deal with, while he went (merrily) on his way.

None of it is right, fair, or normal. It is all lopsided, with ALL of it left for us to deal with. They shirk 100% of the responsibility. And they feel nothing, so have nothing to ‘process’. I found this to be nearly incomprehensible at the time.

It does get better. You will recover and thrive. Your emotions will become more normal. You will sleep better. Everything does get better with time.

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