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Hi Singmodel67, you were living in a nightmare! This guy is a huge RED FLAGS of sociopathic behavior!!!

Your gut instinct said to go no contact with him!! LISTEN TO YOUR STRONG GUT REACTION TO HIM & HIS BEHAVIOR!! It’s telling you the truth!!

What our society does not realize is the BULK of domestic abuse is emotional, mental & verbal abuse. You hon, have been living in a emotional, mental & verbally abusive relationship. He is a horrible human being. His behavior is NOT normal!! His behavior towards you & his parents IS abusive!!

Typically physical abuse does not occur until the victim is about to leave or has left her abuser. So you need to be vigilant with him. Also, now that sociopath typical try to boomerang back into a past victims life to get more money, sex, a place to live or anything the want from them. So BEWARE!! Keep the NO contact rule in place.

My ex h, a sociopath did the same maneuver = getting friends involved to “win” me back. This is what this guy is doing by going thru your ex husband. SO SO GLAD your ex husband called you & blocked this guy. Your ex husbands gut alarm went off & he followed his gut instinct with this sociopath.

Keep reading everything here at love fraud to educate yourself. Donna Anderson Lovefraud site creater has a library full of valuable information for you to unravel the hell you have been enduring.

On the Home page go down to the YELLOW BOX and read everything there. Also, there are excellent videos up at the top under the red tab “videos” for you to watch.

Look up these things up at the top search bar here at love fraud:

Gas lighting abuse

pathological lying

no contact rule

sociopath smear campaign

sociopath triangulation

Also google “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” to watch their interview about listening to your gut instinct.

Gavin Debeckers book is called The Gift of fear (your local library may have it)

Donna Anderson’s book Lovefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath will help you to understand more of the hell you have endured. You can go to the top under “Store” to find her book.

Keep asking questions & venting here, it really does help to heal.

So glad you had the courage to research for the truth & post here at love fraud. Both HUGE steps in healing!! 🌺

Wishing you all the best!

Take care. 💜💜💜

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