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Singmodel67, You’re so welcome. I know it’s extremely hard to look behind the sociopath wizard of oz curtain to find out the relationship will all a fraud. It’s devastating…the lies, the con game, the fact that we dropped our walls to show full love to them only to be conned from day one…is an absolute heart ache.

YES!! The are Aliens!! I think everyone that escapes the grips for sociopaths & psychopaths believe this. And has posted this same statement. Including me. They are not normal minded. They are pure pure evil The guy you dated is no different. Many things that you stated my ex did the same exact things!! Some how they use the same manipulative play books. It’s so wild to read peoples post & have their behavior so similar. It makes you want to see them as robots or Aliens….maybe they are?!?!

YES!! The mood swings they do daily is a nightmare…you end up walking on egg shells everyday. This is part of their control over you (us)…to make you focus on them and not on your own life. The ultimate goal of a sociopath is POWER & CONTROL OVER other peoples minds & life!! So once they have you focused solely on their life & fixing their problems (most likely fake problems to keep you busy) they have control & power over you.

This guy was no different. He wanted you catering to his every needs. He wanted you walking of egg shells to create low self esteem with you so that he had more power & control over your mind over you!! Part of the reason why they want power & control over you is so that you do not leave them. Also because they want to exploit you for money, sex, place to live, etc etc. Sociopath do not like to be alone at all. Just look at this guy how he treats his own parents. He is living in their home while they are living in a trailer!! They are 80 & worked hard and now they are living a nightmare.

I think part of the reason why he called your ex h was to fish for info to control you. To break you down so that you would come back to him. Also to create a sociopath smear campaign against you with friends or family. The sociopath will fish for info in the beginning of the relationship so that they can use it against you later & to create self esteem issues. If you or anyone ends up with low selfesteem it’s hard to leave because you feel like no one will ever love you again. But what sociopath so is anything but love. It’s better to be alone & show self love then to get nothing but abuse from a sociopath on a daily bases.

This is part of the reason why “couples therapy” never works with a sociopath because they will learn from the therapist & then twist & turn your mind to blame you for everything.

This is why it’s very important in the beginning of a relationship with anyone not to give to much info. If someone is asking a lot of questions in the beginning of a relationship you need to take note and what their behavior. Some people are just inquisitive but a sociopath is gathering info to use against you later.

Dont let this ex evil man rent space in your mind. You will never figure out everything the sociopath did behind your back nor will you ever figure out truly what all their manipulative games really mean.

Right now just focus on reading articles here at lvoefruad & watching the videos up at top & reading the yellow tab section on LF home page to educate yourself on their behavior & analysis it to you relationship.

I was married 12.5 years to a sociopath. I will never know what he did behind my back. But I have a very good idea as he was a serial cheater, pathological lying, manipulative con artist. I got to a point I realized I was still to focused on “what did he do during our marriage” that I was not healing. So I just had to accept the fact he was doing everything…he was conning everyone he meet…for fun, for sport, for money, sex, etc etc.

Glad you have gotten to the point that you dont want anything else to do with him. Just block him. If he comes by your home DO NOT Anwser the door!! And if you have to call the police. But do not talk with him. Sociopaths are masters at flipping the cards & getting the true vicim arrested. They are pathological liars who can get anyone to believe their stories. I witnessed this with the divorce Judge in court. It just made me realize that I was not stupid like he told me…that he was just that good at getting anyone to give him what he wanted. Even the Judge in divorce court.

Sending you huge hugs hon. Glad you know the truth about him. It’s like getting a key to how this planet works. Know that 1 in 25 people are sociopath/psychopaths on this planet and 1 in 5 are narcissist…mainly men but their are also lots of females. This is why it is so important to listen to your GUT INSTINCT the second you meet someone. I read a study after I left my ex. It said that with in 3 seconds a human can determine if someone is honest. Remember this fact!!

Take care. 🌺🌺💜💜

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