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Look at the symptoms of Adrenal fatigue. See sites like Adrenal fatigue. org and Dr Lam. com plus just google. Most victims have endure a sociopath have PTSD. Most likely you do to. I believe the biggest issues with PTSD that needs to be healed is adrenal fatigue.

Put your health first right now. Find a good Endocrinologist doctor to get tested for cortisol levels, hormonal imbalance, vitamin & mineral deficiency, thyroid etc etc. All of these things are adrenal fatigue issues. My doctor gave me Dr Wilson’s adrenal vitamins & minerals 4 times a day & also a Rx of progesterone hormone pills and within hours my anxiety was half and within a few weeks I was thinking more clearly.

Both of these sites have books but also your local library may have books on Adrenal fatigue too.

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