Reply To: Getting past never receiving an apology



Linda, I’m so sorry about your situation. Hearing your story breaks my heart. I have found that No Contact is helping me the most of anything because it’s slowly breaking the attachment I have to my ex.

It sounds like you have attempted No Contact before, but then you got hoovered back into the relationship. Don’t be too hard on yourself though… These people are highly manipulative and it really does take everything in you to resist sometimes. I’ve given into my ex before too and I wish I didn’t respond. All I can say is to do your best to get out of the relationship when you feel ready, and then do everything you can to maintain No Contact. I have found that the books Getting Past Your Breakup by Susan Elliot and Healing from Hidden Abuse by Shannon Thomas to be tremendously helpful. Keep coming on Lovefraud when you feel the urge to reach out, see a counselor, find a support group. Just realize that it’s like breaking an addiction, and it will be hard, but it WILL get better if you take steps in the right direction. Sending good vibes your way.

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