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takenmylifebac, you are so welcome!! 💜 What sociopaths never count on, is victims getting together to lift each other up. Thanks to Donna & Terry, we have a wonderful support site & network to lift each other up , educate ourselves & heal together!! Powerful! 💜 All of those days & nights we felt so alone, only to some how find the strength to reach out for help! Bravo to you in your darkest days & nights for reaching out for help. POWERFUL moments for all of us. We are stronger then we know! 💪

Huge hugs to you also!! You should be so incredibly proud of yourself for making unbelievable strides to crawl out of hell & into the day light!! BRAVO!! It brings me great joy to see how far you have come!! 🌺💜💜

Wishing you all the best with your amazing new freedom!! 😊

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