Reply To: N showing tremendous GUILT?



My father did this to my mother Al the time. Pretended to show guilt because they are afraid of abandonment. They were married 21 years. The last time she left him he was buying her jewelry….swooning her…he begged her to come back…even wanted to take her on a cruise to the Bahamas…she had enough of the years and years of abuse. She did not go on the cruise. After they finally signed the divorce papers he told her that she was smart for not going on the cruise because he planned on killing her and throwing her body off the ship in the middle of the night. Narcissists/Sociopathic demons NEVER CHANGE….listen up….if he was genuinely remorseful he would be taking action to get help…..HE WOULD BE TAKING ACTION ON HIS OWN TO GET HELP….not you telling him to go get help……understand? Watch your back. I would even have your car checking for tracking devices…these demons do NOT LIKE TO LET GO/LOSE….record every interaction secretly with him if you can…..document his behaviors…it’s the only thing that will help you if law enforcement gets involved….PROOF…try BACH FLOWER REMEDIES for anxiety…stay away from addictive prescriptions…

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