Reply To: Was I dating a Psychopath?



Yes dear friend…and abrupt ending is usually a sign that your partner is unable to attach in a normal way…therefore likely a sociopath. Also the pity play is suspect. I’m so sorry…I’m in the same boat and mine was also a 4 month relationship. Your love and personality are BEAUTIFUL and that’s what attracted them BUT he can’s keep up the act beyond a certain point because you are amazing and he is not…..He is quietly slipping out so you don’t figure that out….or because – not bonding= they get bored and move on to other people.

This is no reflection of your desirability, beauty, charm, personality or lovability. This would be the exact same script for any human being on the planet. They want to be and feel what you are/do but CAN NOT. It is a blessing in disguise when they leave…although agonizing to endure…but you will survive and hopefully the next person will be authenic and not wearing a mask of lies.

Its not your fault though. And you’re amazing .

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