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Hi Redwald,

Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate your detailed and informative feedback, which is truly insightful. I feel like a weight has been lifted off.
Those few months I was with him, I felt mixed emotions. I was happy and so stressed at the same time.
I couldn’t understand what was going on.

Yes, he did know from the start that I had lost my mother to cancer. My mother meant the world to me, and in the essence she will always be.. After all, love is eternal. That is why it hurts all the more. I’ve seen someone I love suffer from cancer. I lost her to the dreadful disease. And finally figuring out that he faked cancer, was the last straw.

In fact, when I realised he was making up stories and lying furthermore to divert my attention, I backed off. I kept my responses brief and to the point. I stopped checking up on him. He stopped initiating contact. He said he was stressed and eventually disappeared from my life.

Being an empath, I worry and care a lot about others. You can imagine how concerned I was when he said he had battled with cancer. He tried to create so many similarities in our respective lives, that I felt we actually had some sort of cosmic connection.

After this episode, I’ve been reading so much about psychopaths that I wondered why he faked cancer. I came across Donna Anderson’s videos and this website which has truly been a blessing for me.
And then I wondered were his intentions to create a trauma bond? To make sure I would get sucked in, and never leave him? He knew I had been a caregiver to my mother. Maybe he wanted me to play that role in his life. Or maybe he was just toying with my feelings and emotions?
Or maybe he wanted to scare me off by telling me he had cancer in the past?

Sometimes, I feel like confronting him. But, then I realise that he’ll only throw another bunch of lies. So, I’ve stuck to No Contact and haven’t reached out since he’s ghosted me.
He disappeared from my social media and became active on a dating website. He started following random women. In fact, he did more ridiculous things to get a reaction from me, but I’ve been ignoring him all long. And then I read up on zombieing and haunting which is also a common phenomenon nowadays.

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