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Hi Allison, I agree with’re are not alone.

Google “Dr Amen Depression You tube” to watch his video.

Dr Amen is a therapist and a leading brain specialist who has conducted over 80,000 brain scans & done countless brain studies. In his videos he says that he prescribes Rx drugs as last resort. That there are many things that can heal your depression such as clean healthy diet, exercise, etc. So look into his video.

The continued toxic stressful relationship you were in, most likely weekend your immune system & also your adrenal glands.

Google: Dr Lam. com, Adrenal fatigue .org and also Adrenal fatigue to look at symptoms.

When I left my ex h (a sociopath) I was mentally, physically & spiritually exhausted to the point I was bed ridden. I was once a very athletic persons with lots of energy, but not after being with a sociopath. I was lucky enough to have a friend direct me to a Endocrinologist Doctor who tested me for: Cortisol levels (fight, flight or freeze response mode), Vitamins & minerals, hormone imbalance, thyroid etc. My blood test were horrible. The stress had caused havoc with my immune system & adrenal glands.

My anxiety level was off the chart, I could not sit calmly because I was in a constant state of flight & fight mode due to the stress of my ex messing with my mind every second of the day (adrenal glands were releasing to much cortisol). If you suffer from depression you also most likely have anxiety issues too.

My doctor gave me Dr Wilson (adrenal fatigue. org) adrenal vitamins (one is just B complex) & had me take them 4 times a day. In addition he gave me a Rx of progesterone NATURAL hormones (not man made) within 4 hours my anxiety was literally half. And within weeks I felt more like myself. Less anxiety, felt happier, sleeping better etc.


1) “Dr Fuhrman PBS you tube”

See his book Eat to Live and also he has one on building up your immune system. He is an excellent doctor, I personally went to him without knowing he was on PBS & sold books. My doctor referred me to him.

2) “Super Juice me documentary” (free on you tube)

It will show you that food can heal your body. Very informative documentary.

3) “Jason Vale juicing recipes”

(he is the person that made the Super Juicing documentary)

3) Sick, Fat & nearly dead. com (free documentary on that site)


Dr Fuhrman & Dr Amen’s books (you might be able to find their books at you local library)

I’m so sorry that you are still suffering from this evil person that was in your life. You will be back to your better self with time. Like Donna states you are just out of this relationship. Be kind to your self…take one day at a time.

Check with a doctor first before you change your diet or take any vitamins.

Wishing you all the best!! 💜💜💜

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