Reply To: Anyone deal with depression after the break up & no contact period?



I have been in severe depression and anxiety, because I’m in the midst of a smear campaign. It’s honestly the most terrible thing I’ve experienced. The man is silent, no contact nothing. I’m being harassed by a mutual friend I confided in. She took his side saying I should be ashamed of myself for talking to a married man.

I definitely am ashamed but he told me they were roommates, unhappily married and wanted a life with me. He even planned out how he would move to his moms and we could publicly be together in a few months.

My response was always no. I told him I would not break up a marriage. He said they didn’t have sex, that she was mean to his mom and family. And that he felt a bond with me.

The police have been helping me after seeing the terrible slander on social media. How is it my fault and none of his?

I feel he’s done this many times- no one ever told on him before. Now he’s exposed. He used to tell me “he couldn’t lose his kids” and “ this is our secret “. I truly felt like this was my best friend.

I am very anxious I’m on meds now. I cry. I’m afraid to get on social media. I feel ashamed. He chased ME. He was obsessed with me.

I still don’t understand why. Why he did this. I read the sites but the woman slandering me says it’s me. My ego was hurt. Because he stopped love bombing me.

I don’t know anymore what to believe because I thought I knew him. I just don’t know how his wife never knows what he does to women.

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