Reply To: Anyone deal with depression after the break up & no contact period?



Jan7. I looked adrenal fatigues I agree with what you told me. The smear campaign is awful and I’ve been in touch with police and states attorney. I know what to do now. It’s so terrible I’m being blamed for everything. He has no part in this? He did this, he chased me lured me. The creepy thing is- he even wanted a scarf of mine. I remember him asking if he could have it? I said sure. Like he collects things from victims?

Another woman he did this to said he actually would send her pictures of his privates saying can she meet him for 15 min.

I just am disgusted. This man I thought I knew so well he made me think we had “this connection “ and I was tricked. Now I’m being so harassed I’m sick daily because I told on him

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