Reply To: I'm on Day 1 of No Contact – struggling..



Hi Virgil. I am also sorry for your experience with this parasite. That’s exactly what he is . I’m also very new to this site, and also just started ‘no contact’ with ‘my’ ex parasite. We were engaged, went to get the marriage license and everything. He freaked out after that, and literally started to go crazy. He was not a good person. I know it’s hard to continue the no contact. We have to, though, because we know it isn’t right with these people, any type of relationship. They bleed you dry. They take all you have to give, with no remorse. Who needs that? Not US!! No one deserves that kind of treatment. NO one. I stand with you and support you in your time of devastation. It’s hard. You believed his lies, his unreal plans for the future, his ‘oh, I love you so much, you’re everything to me’ bullsh*t. Get over it, losers, you don’t deserve us, the ones with empathy and real caring to give. We are so LUCKY to be out of these situations! Don’t you agree? We could have been stuck in it so much longer. We are now safe to be free and happy. To live a life of goodness and reality. Not some sicko, hallow, unreal existence. Let’s say goodbye to these parasites. They don’t deserve what we have to offer. ! Much love. REAL love. Carry on, win the good fight. Kristinan32

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