Reply To: I'm on Day 1 of No Contact – struggling..




This is HUGE hon. 😊 Pat yourself on the back for making this important first step to a calm & peaceful life again!!

Choosing to go no contact is not easy place to get to. But, with time you will realize that it is the greatest gift you have ever given yourself.

Keep venting & reading here at Lovefraud.

Zari Ballard was correct when she stated: “this website (Lovefraud) as being incredibly key to her recovery.”…I think everyone that comes to Lovefraud would agree.

Sending you huge hugs hon. 💜💜💜Take it one day at a time, some days just one minute at a time or one second at a time. Be kind to yourself during this process of healing. Remember you just survived a sociopath…you are stronger then you realize for doing this feat.

🎉🎉CONGRATULATIONS again for imposing the No contact rule!! 🎉🎉

(ps look into Adrenal fatigue…get your health back in order from all the stress you have been under…see sites like Dr Lam. com & Adrenal and just google Adrenal fatigue symptoms part of PTSD (I believe)

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