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thanks allison123,

it’s been a rollercoaster day for me. I’m so glad you have reset the No Contact. I have only a few days. I really am going through hell right now. I feel the most alone I’ve ever felt. A year ago, my elderly father (I took care of him for years) went into a home, my 2nd narcissist died (no offense , prob for the best) and my daughter moved out to her bfs. I thought I had found the ‘ love of my life’ with this last one. We were going to get married on the 27th (even though I’m thankful we didn’t) and I feel like I’m going down a big hill. I don’t have a big support system. My 20 yr old daughter texted me and said ‘please don’t die’. I don’t have plans to die, I just feel like I am dying. I know I have to get up and take steps to recover. I was gung ho earlier. Now back in the dumps. I’m dreading the night, trying to sleep, only to get awakened by a nightmare. I wish I didn’t ever contact this loser in the first place.

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