Reply To: I'm on Day 1 of No Contact – struggling..



@virgil thank you so much for your kind email. I am really having a tough time. I thought I’d be stronger than this. I hope you’re doing okay!! I’m happy, too, to have people like you on here that are friends and relate to all of this. We do need to stick together, because ur right, no one understands who hasn’t been through it. Not friends and family, unless they’ve been there. And we sure have. I hope your no contact is going well. Mine is going still, just obviously hard. You’re right, we were dying in the relationships, and now we are free to live life. I just wish I knew how! I will stick to this site and let it help me. I’m glad you got away from that guy, he sounds sooo familiar! Like most guys on here. Just pathetic! Thank you so much for being a friend. Kristinan32

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