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Virgii:Speaking from one who has fallen off the wagon once too many, I had to learn the hard way the understanding of the no contact rule. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Start where you stand.” No matter how many times we have to stand back up, it pays off in the end.

It has been two months and no contact. This has been the longest for me. Everything everyone is telling you here is so true. Each sociopath has his or her own methods of gaining control but in the end it equates to the same. They all think they are unique but they are not.

For me I wrote a list of things that I no longer needed to put up with or live with. The list was extensive and I kept it in front of me for the first few weeks. My life has become less chaotic with less drama. Keeping busy is also key to overcoming the sociopath. But the no contact rule is essential as I had to learn the hard way.

Working on yourself and not focusing too much on the past and what pain he has caused you is also key in the healing process. There is an app you can download on your phone for meditations and in the night when you have difficulty sleeping you can play them. They are soothing and let your body calm down. You can also get some online.

Stay strong.

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