Reply To: Foster Care: the Perfect Place for a Sociopath



This is horrifying but not surprising. Sadly, a lot of the people in enforcement positions have the attitude “if I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen”. This happened to a friend of mine years ago when she walked in on her boyfriend molesting her 10 year old daughter. The police interviewed the child – who had been told by the molester “if you tell I will kill your little sister and Mom in front of you” – so she refused to say anything. After three months of trying to get this guy arrested – and constant harassment and threats from him – she moved to another state without telling anyone where she was, changed their names, worked “under the table” – basically disappeared. He filed suit for custody (the younger child was theirs). Interestingly, the police spent more time trying to find HER than investigating him. Years later she resurfaced, after the molester had been jailed for something else. The child, now a teenager, was a mess – never admitted, even to counselors, the truth, got into drugs, hated her Mom. Very sad.

Keep telling your story to anyone who listens and pray someone, someday, will believe it. But if the kids won’t testify – and she may have threatened them so they won’t – it may never get better.

Frustrating and infuriating, I know – but bless you for trying.

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