Reply To: Anyone deal with depression after the break up & no contact period?



Hi allison123,

Yep, I had depression that was really stubborn. I also, as Jan did, started on a natural (bio-identical) progesterone cream (that you rub into your skin). I took Sam-e. For a short time I took a minuscule dose of Prozac, but this got me too antsy and anxious. The progesterone cream REALLY made a difference. This is the brand I used: Emerita Pro-gest Cream, around 27.00 for 4 ounces (which lasts quite a while). I had done research on this product for a group of heart MD’s, and trust the brand to be consistent and deliver the correct dosage. This really calmed my system down. Within a few days I started feeling calmer and less disinterested in life, and within 2 weeks I was about 50-75% better. The other thing that made a some difference for me was getting enough walking, yoga, hiking, and gardening. Though I was tired, weak, and uninspired, the movement did help with the anxiety and depression.

It took me a good 4-6 months before it totally lifted, and even then I had residual PTSD/anxiety. But at least I wasn’t gripped with despair.

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