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Hi Slimone, thanks for posting your informative info. No doubt it will help many!!

Slimone & Allison123, Yes, I used that cream too, after the Rx of progesterone my doctor gave me. In the book “Female Brain gone insane by Mia Lundin” (which is worth your time to read & understand that your brain is not going insane, your hormones are just off balance due to the stress from the sociopath), she states that you must watch out with dosage of progesterone cream, too much can cause (more) depression, to little not effective for you. So be sure to read the product description & symptoms list, better to have a doctor assist you with a Rx.

It’s a balance, an Endocrinologist doctor (who deals with the adrenal glands) can help balance the progesterone levels with regular drug test.

I did not stay on the Rx progesterone long. Just long enough to feel almost my old self then was weened off of it. So, it’s not a “life long” Rx or over the counter creme. It’s just used to balance your hormones.

progesterone is the “natural calmer” hormone, hence when it is off balance your body with have anxiety & depression and many other symptoms. Stress causes your hormones to become unbalanced. Dealing with a sociopath daily = HUGE amount of stress = throws your adrenal glands into fatigue mode.

The adrenal glands regulate the bodies blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol & adrenaline levels and over 50 hormones including progesterone, testosterone & estrogen..these glands are a HUGE deal and often over looked by most doctors as the root health issue.

Google: Mia Lundin you tube. She has a video on hormone unbalance.

Also check out the free documentary on the net called:

Super Juice Me documentary

Google: Adrenal fatigue. org and DrLam. com see their symptoms list. On Adrenal fatigue. org they have a list of doctors. (I have zero affiliation to these site or products other then healing my own body).

This has also helped me tremendously to heal my body & balance it again.

Thank you Slimone again for opening this important dialogue.

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