Reply To: Anyone deal with depression after the break up & no contact period?



Slimone- it’s been the worst experience ever. I am so cautious of people now, even my friends because I don’t know who to trust and who not to. The crazy thing is- as soon as I found this man out and the discard was happening all at the same time I exposed him.

This was the end of June! We are in October and the smear campaign just took place. I don’t know if it’s because he got caught with someone else, or what. But this middle person the one who is his monkey- basically said she will stop harassing me if I promise to never contact his wife.

Of course I agreed, and I won’t. But I can’t imagine the damage she did to me with her fake pages. This man lures women. He conned me into thinking he was “in a loveless marriage “ and that I was his best friend. He said he was planning to leave and was going to start the process. When a mutual friend told me he was writing her and sending her inappropriate pictures I realized he was a liar and it wasn’t only me.

I think sometimes I wish I hadn’t exposed him. I don’t think he will ever be caught and he will keep doing this to women. I just don’t know how his wife can’t see it. Or not care. The whole thing is bizarre to me. I just hope he’s caught at some point because what he put me through was pure evil

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