Reply To: Could it all have been just an illusion of mine?



If you are confused about your mate & your relationship = you are dealing with someone that has a personality disorder!!

It’s that simple!

Look up here at love fraud, an interview between Donna & Mary Ann Glynn. IT’s power & empathize “Confusion” in a abusive relationship.

It is NOT normal to be confused when you are in a relationship of any kind especially a romantic relationship.

Listen to your GUT INSTINCT on this! Your gut instinct guided you to research & lead you here = to the truth!!

Follow the No contact rule (do a search here at on love fraud & google term)

also do a search here on love fraud for the following:

idolize, devalue & discard
Sociopath triangulation
sociopath smear campaign

Glad you followed your gut!! Google: “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” to watch their powerful interview on always listen to your gut instinct. Gavin Debunkers book “The gift of fear” is a must read. Your local library may have it.

Sending you huge hugs!! Take care.

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